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so_very_doomed's Journal

The Fall of Civilization
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This community brings news and commentary from around the world on issues that affect us all. Encompassing environmental, social, governmental and political issues, this community reports the news on serious issues of great significance.

Most of the traffic of this community is devoted to news posts related to how modern industrial civilization is failing and will collapse, destroying most of the Earth's ecosystem and creating another great mass extinction as it falls. Usually, such news is hard to find because it doesn't make much money for the media, but in this community you will get a constant stream of soul-crushingly doomy news. So, if you are brave enough to look the doom in the eye, this community will save you a lot of time.

In comparison to similar communities, this one is more pessimistic and secular. We're doomed. Get used to it. Your god will not save you. Science will not save you. In fact, you will not be saved.*
We're doomed! So very doomed!

Answers to common questions:
  • Don't you think that if we all just work together blah blah blah? No, we're doomed.
  • Isn't the market going to work things out for us? No, we're doomed.
  • Won't technological innovation take care of the problem? No, we're doomed.
  • Doesn't god have a plan for everything? No, we're doomed.
  • Is it OK to post in this community? Yes, absolutely. Please post, but please stay on-topic and on-mood, and avoid making this your dumping place for your daily hysterical outburst. All members are allowed to post.
  • Can I post something more optimistic in this community? Yes, but prepare to be mocked savagely!!!!
  • Can I post something entirely counter to this community, much in the manner of a troll? Yes, but we will probably delete it and revoke your posting privileges.
  • Do I have to post news? No, but since the topic of this community is future-focused, it is easy to be tempted to write a crazed novel about what the future will be like, and you want to avoid that as much as possible, because it simply is not possible to predict the future. Stick to the facts as best you can.
  • Can I post something humorous or theoretical? Absolutely. Just stay on-topic and on-mood.
  • Should I make an introductory post? Do not make an introductory post. DO NOT.

Why We Are Doomed
These entries do not represent the opinions of the entire community but may illuminate the logic of why certain articles are posted by jezebel873 and other contributors.
Part 1: Human Nature
Part 2: Civilization
Part 3: Overshoot
Oldudvai Theory Refresher

"If a path to the better there be, it begins with a full look at the worst."
-Thomas Hardy 1887

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Community-recommended books

Who's Who in Doom: A reference, both practical and humorous, on the important figures in the field of Doom.

Arithmetic, Population and Energy by Dr. Albert Bartlett
What to do in a failing civilization by David M. Delaney
Clusterfuck Nation by James Howard Kunstler
Voluntary Human Extinction Movement
US Government Population Clocks
Exit Mundi
How to Destroy the Earth
List of Possible Disasters
* The bit about "you will not be saved" is a paraphrase of a line in the movie Prince of Darkness by John Carpenter. Carpenter was paraphrasing Stephen Vincent Benet.